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Heels Ahoy!

I read a quote yesterday in a Knitty article that said until one got
more used to knitting with DPN's, they were a bit like having an
unruly hedgehog in your hands. I'm getting better at it evidently -
the hedgehog is taming up well :)

I rejoined the heel flap last night and am doing instep decreases.
I've found myself a number of times having to just stop and read ONLY
the next instruction or part of instruction in the pattern. Seeing
too many capital letters and numbers all jumbled together feels like
trying to read fortunes in my alphabet soup.

I think this is going to be okay. My only concern is that, along one
side of the heel flap (where I picked up stitches), it looks a bit
"open" (the stitches aren't very snug).

I'm so wierd. It was exciting to try the sock on and feel the heel flap curve in the right place :)
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